Iveta Ermakora

Life Designer

Thoughts create. Once you become aware of that truth you become a conscious creator. Conscious creation is just a way to describe deliberate thinking.

After years of working in companies Iveta Ermakora now works independently. She is currently engaged as an external design and marketing associate for the company Proconventa d.o.o. and Medika d.o.o. A special highlight is her stand-alone design engagement at the World Congress of Project Management IPMA 2013 and the International Conference OTMC 2017.

In a field of Audiovisual Arts, Iveta was a member of several associations and main organizer of Audiovisual festival GEMS and first Audiovisual event for promoting extreme sports in Croatia X-GEMS. 

Currently, Iveta is starting her own Projects and works on development of her own Brand. As a Visual Artist she has performed at numerous events in Zagreb, and now works in the field of Video production. With her in time & with the hear Visual projections she is transmitting her visually seeing and feeling of Sound beats and blends them into a Audiovisual Performances.

Iveta Ermakora